Director, Glenn McIntyre is a qualified surveyor and has completed numerous residential and commercial site plans for proposed construction or council submission.

A site plan is the logical first step in the planning process for development of your site.

We've completed site plans for country B&B's, large industrial sites, car lots and warehouse leases, among others. 

For large sites, we have contracts in place with a survey equipment hire company.
For smaller sites, we use a handheld laser measuring device, called a 'disto', to take measurements.

We can be on-site with just a few days' notice.

How it works

Arrange a time with us, and we'll pop in and survey your site.

We'll use the on-site data to draw the plan and send it back to you as an A1, A2 or A3 PDF. 

For council applications, we can assist with the application process and even advise on potential issues that may arise during your application.

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