B2B Drafting - working with your business

We're proud to be amongst the leaders in the growing industry of outsourced CAD services.

Our drafting services are available to absolutely anyone, and we service every corner of Australia.
No job too big or too small. (such a cliche isn't it?)

We provide drafting services for businesses including:

  • fire protection and related building services
  • underground service locators
  • architects
  • land developers
  • commercial builders
  • fencing builders
  • decking/patio builders
  • civil construction
  • tradespeople
  • interior design
  • events management

Want to give your customers that extra level of professionalism by delivering an accurate, well-presented plan? 

Let us show you what we can do.

Benefits of outsourcing

Here’s a really simple breakdown of the benefits:

  • Outsourcers work weekends and public holidays. (Well, the good ones do, at least…)
  • If you’re outsourcing to an ABN-registered business, you don't have to pay leave or super.
  • There's no casual loading rate or holiday 1.5x/double-time rates.
  • You don't have to spend any extra money on expanding the office, providing laptops, training, or new CAD software subscriptions for new employees.
  • Outsourcing gives you access to a team of experienced Survey Drafting professionals, instead of trying your luck in the job market, or spending 6 months training​ up a new draftee only to have them take their skills elsewhere a year later.
  • If your current drafting team is too busy, but not consistently busy enough to commit to hiring another full-time drafter, outsourcing is absolutely ideal for that overload of work during busy periods.

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Some examples of our previous work:
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