Syndal Drafting Services offers drafting and site measuring services for a number of different council applications, including:

  • Change of Use applications
  • Crossover applications
  • Planning permit applications
  • Demolition plans

Depending on what your application requires, we offer the following:

  • a Site Plan (also called 'Existing Conditions Plan')
  • Proposed Site Plan (showing any potential changes to your site)
  • Internal Floor Plans (for internal building works)
  • Elevation Plans (street view and side views are most common)

We can be on-site with just a few days' notice, and we're happy to work with you to identify any issues that may arise at your new site.

How it works

Arrange a time with us, and we'll pop in and complete site-measuring works.

We use the on-site data to produce a plan and send it back to you as a PDF. Hard copies are also available on request.

For council applications, we can assist with the application process and even advise on potential issues that may arise during your application.

Some examples of our past work:
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