Survey Drafting

The world is moving towards a more mobile workforce, with email and cloud computing becoming essential tools for the modern surveying business.

Syndal Drafting Services is leading the way in outsourced survey drafting for the next generation of Australian surveyors.

When you choose Syndal Drafting Services, you're getting an AutoCAD Certified Professional© survey draftsman, with over a decade of local experience in the surveying industry.

(What is an AutoCAD Certified Professional? (PDF, 142kb))

Benefits of outsourcing

Getting a new draftee set up in your office (new software licenses, computer, desk etc) can be an expensive and       time-consuming process.
When you use Syndal Drafting Services, you're getting an experienced survey drafting professional, ready to 'hit the ground running'. 

Outsourcing requires no superannuation payments, leave entitlements, sick pay or maternity leave. 

We work on a flat hourly rate, and yes, we're available over weekends and public holidays!

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Quality Assurance

Syndal Drafting Services has stringent QA and error-checking procedures in place, and will always ensure that plans are produced with the highest quality.
Any potential errors in the original data are brought to the attention of our clients.

We believe that presentation is of highest importance and aim to produce "visually appealing plans with the highest accuracy".

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